Eckes Edler Eierlikör

Edler Eierlikör

Seductive and creamy ECKES Edler Eierlikör provides perfect pleasure neat. But it also goes very well with desserts and ice-cream. If used for baking, it makes cakes and pies taste even better. And a shot of ECKES Edler Eierlikör in your special coffee is really quite something…

7 Dinge die du √ľber Eierlik√∂r wissen solltest

It’s fashionable again!

Many Germans still associate egg liqueur with their grandma’s afternoons of coffee and cake. Adults drank a bit just to go through the motions and otherwise you ate the chocolate that came with it. In the US, however, this is quite different. Here, eggnog, as it is called here (and it differs slightly), is almost exclusively drunk on Christmas but is traditionally much appreciated and looked forward to.
And the new generation in Germany does also like this cult liqueur. Its former image has gone: egg liqueur is getting its second chance!

You probably didn’t know these 7 things about egg liqueur and after you have read them you can now tell them to the older generation:

1. The avocado story

Egg liqueur hails from South America, where it was known as a refreshing drink called ‚ÄúAbacate‚ÄĚ. It was a mixture of avocado with cane sugar and rum. When the drink came to Europe, however, avocados (not readily available here‚Ķ) were replaced by egg yokes. Hey, presto! There was your egg liqueur.

2. Egg liqueur as medicine

These days, no doctor in his or her right mind would prescribe egg liqueur, but around the year 1800 egg liqueur was indeed recommended in the odd text book as a remedy against malaria. There has never been any proof, however.

3. Merry Christmas!

Egg liqueur is one of the most popular liqueurs in Germany and is drunk all around the year. The traditional cups with waffles or chocolate are simply part of it here but totally unknown elsewhere. Outside Germany, egg liqueur is a traditional Christmas drink, which is why in the US Christmas Eve is the ‚Äúnational eggnog day‚ÄĚ.

4. Let them have what they want

Starbucks had served a Christmas drink called ‚Äúeggnog latte‚Äú since 1986. When in 2014 they wanted to remove it from their menu, quite a shitstorm on Twitter ensued. So, a few weeks later ‚Äúeggnog latte‚Äú was available again. ‚ÄúWe made a mistake‚ÄĚ, said Starbucks, ‚ÄĚand we are very sorry‚ÄĚ.

5. Three cheers to George Washington!

If you have ever created your own egg liqueur, you know you can change the recipe as you see fit. George Washington, the United States’ first president, was known for his very alcoholic recipe that also used brandy, whiskey, sherry and rum. Cheers!

6. Egg liqueur on your skin

Some people like egg liqueur so much that they don‚Äôt only drink it but also use it on their skin ‚Äď as soap, a lotion or on their lips. You will find various applications if you browse the Net.

7. You can eat egg liqueur

Next time your grandma visits, you cannot only serve egg liqueur as a drink but also with a dessert or with ice-cream. Or use it for baking and cooking purposes. Here’s a cupcake recipe with an Eckes Edler Eierlikör core that will make you and your friends and family very happy. Bon appetit!