Special liqueurs. ECKES Edelkirsch is the perfect choice for all those who want a fruity drink that does not contain too much alcohol. Two handfuls of sun-ripened sour cherries from select growing areas lend this liqueur its distinct fiery and at the same time gentle freshness. Find out more about the fruits that lend ECKES Edelkirsch its typical aromas and flavours and deep-red colour. Check out how they are harvested and processed and look forward to enjoying a unique taste …


An Edelkirsch of character. ECKES Edelkirsch fruits ripen in very sunny growing areas. Select sour cherries make for the intensely fruity, fiery and tart aromas and flavours and lend it its characteristic deep-red colour.


Waiting for the perfect moment. Only when the cherries are almost falling off the trees, as it were, are they as ripe as they should be and harvesting can begin. The ideal point in time varies from plantation to plantation. It is in July when farmers take a closer look and it is thanks to their experience that we get cherries picked at the right time and showing perfect aromas, flavours and acidity.


Pleasure needs time. Immediately after having been picked, the fully ripened cherries are very gently turned into a concentrate. For our ECKES Edelkirsch liqueur, this cherry juice concentrate is re-diluted, using specially processed drinking water, alcohol and sugar and then refined to produce its distinct fiery and tart taste. Once perfected, the liqueur is bottled.


Incomparably good. Did you notice? It is the cherries that make the difference. And the gentle and careful processing of these cherries is what yields the exceptional quality of this exclusive liqueur and makes drinking ECKES Edelkirsch a very special sensual experience. In its complex and full-bodied flavours you taste summertime and fruity, newly harvested cherries. Enjoy a glass and find out what we mean. Cheerio!